Portable safety screens

Our portable safety screens allow for the quick and easy securing of hazardous workstations. They double as temporary walls to divide and organize a larger working area. Safety screens are easy to move and can also be fitted with wheels.

Mediseam welding screens guarantee a safe and functional working environment for professionals. Our screens can be either mobile or stationary and can be fitted with different fabrics; transparent welding screens, normal pvc-fabric or insulation fabrics. Our screens are fire retardant.

We can also print any desired images, logos and photos to these screens.

Welding screen

  • Easy and fast to install screen for mobile workstations
  • Fire retardant M2 –class fabric
  • Black and grey colours for particularly volatile work environments
  • Window’s dimensions 2100 x 1300 with 200mm PVC reinforcement on the sides and 500mm reinforcement at the bottom of the screen

Welding space

High-quality welding space for professional use.